There are a host of expenses associated with a successful business venture, and chief among those are employee costs.  Additionally, for businesses that require their employees to work off site or utilizing the company truck in the performance of their duties, keeping track of their activities is even more problematic.

That is why more and more fleet managers are turning to Truck GPS systems to keep track of their most expensive business costs.  New trends in GPS technology points to added advantage like being able to track driver behavior regarding their driving habits with advanced metrics and analytical information, so as it stands, installing a truck GPS is like riding shotgun all day with their workers and drivers.

Guarantee Efficiency with a Truck GPS System

The latest generation GPS tracking units do not demand an engineering degree from MIT to install, and you can easily outfit your service trucks with a minimum of fuss.  In fact, simple installation includes little more than inserting a sleek tracking device in the truck’s OBD slot.  Once installed and activated, operators have real-time access to every vehicle in the fleet.  Typical industries that benefit from a truck GPS tracking system include:

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  • Construction firms
  • Landscaping companies
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Courier teams
  • Appliance repair companies

With such ease of installation, it makes for an almost seamless adherence to a new federally mandated electronic logging system.

Designed to better track the movement of commercial vehicles throughout the United States, the new standard calls for tracking driver’s Hours of Service electronically.  In order to capture the necessary data, the truck GPS must be integrally synchronized to monitor the drive segment of the commercial truck to remain in federal compliance.

Fleet operators have full, real time access to what is happening to their vehicle assets while they are out on the road.  This kind of control not only puts helps reduce a range of associated driving and operating costs, it also ensures that the entire operation is operated in as an efficient a manner as possible.

Towards that end, one of the major advantages of equipping a fleet with truck GPS tracking devices includes a streamlined maintenance regimen with each individual vehicle in the fleet scheduled for routine inspection and service electronically.  There is no reason to be sidelined by the DOT owing to lack of up-to-dates servicing, and a GPS tracing system helps eliminate that threat.

Join the Technology Revolution and Reduce Costs

Whether your drivers cross town, cross the state, or cross the country, controlling business expenses means controlling driver behavior, and a truck GPS tracking system is the perfect platform for ensuring that your fleet operates safely and profitably.


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