In this digital age, using the internet has become second nature for everyone. However, kids and young adults are probably the highest users. It has become quite normal to use the internet for doing a school assignment, checking the scores of a game or simply for getting in touch with friends. But, the internet is not without its risks and parents have to deal with these in order to ensure their child remains safe and secure. Parental monitoring apps help in doing so, but lots of parents are unsure of using them because they don’t want to invade their child’s privacy.

Following are the top reasons why parents need to monitor their child’s internet activity:


Lots of kids are harassed by cyberbullies and statistics show that this can lead to dangerous situations and has even pushed children to commit suicide. The major problem is that those who are being bullied suffer emotional distress, but don’t disclose it to their parents. Monitoring the app enables parents to know if their child is being cyberbullied and they can take the necessary steps to eliminate the problem.

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Online Predators

The internet has become the top tool used by predators for reaching out to naïve and innocent children and taking advantage of them. They can threaten kids in all sorts of ways and this can be emotionally, mentally and even physically exhausting for your child. Monitoring their internet activity will alert you if they are being disturbed by predators.

Bad company

There are monitoring apps such as this Family locator app that allow parents to keep track of who their child is in contact with. Some of your child’s friends or acquaintances may not be nice people. They may be trying to convince him to try out drugs, shoplift or indulge in similar destructive activities. There is also a possibility that they may simply be using your child and may put them in dangerous situations. With a monitoring app, you can know who your child is in contact with and can interfere when you deem necessary.

Identity Theft

This is another major risk associated with regular use of the internet and is more common in children. Kids are not very cautious when they are surfing online and it is possible that they may end up revealing personal details about themselves such as their whereabouts and their routine without meaning too. Cyber criminals can use all this information to conduct identity theft and use their name for opening credit card accounts or participating in fraudulent activities. All of these can put your child in danger.

These are some excellent reasons for parents to justify monitoring their kids. The best part is that using parental control apps also gives them some other benefits. They are not just able to know what their child is viewing on the internet, but can also keep track of where they are through GPS location services. In this way, parents will be able to stop their kids from entering risky areas and ensure their safety as much as possible.