Fire extinguishers are essential fire safety equipment that should be installed in virtually every home, office, or establishment in Australia. While pretty much everyone knows what a fire extinguisher looks like, there are many types of fire extinguishers available that are suitable for various causes of fires that people may not be aware of. Understanding what type of fire extinguisher you need is the first step in purchasing a fire extinguisher, as using the wrong fire extinguisher can lead to disastrous consequences. In addition to this, having a good understanding of how to properly use a fire extinguish is also very important. If you’d like to learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher, then watch this video.

Deciding Which Fire Extinguisher You Need

To understand what fire extinguisher you need, you first need to recognise what types of fires can potentially ignite around you.

Class A – Carbon based fires, such as wood, paper, and plastics
Class B – Combustible or flammable liquids, such as petrol, kerosene, and oil
Class C – Combustible or flammable gases, such as butane, methane, and propane
Class D – Metal fires, such as aluminum, titanium, and magnesium
Electrical Fires – Any electrical equipment including toasters, computers, and heaters
Class F – Cooking or grease fires, generally caused by overheated vegetable oils or lard

Residential buildings should be equipped with at least one fire extinguisher suitable for Class A fires, however it’s far better to have is a multipurpose ABE powder fire extinguisher which is suitable for most common household fires (Class A, B, C, and electrical fires). It’s also a smart idea to purchase a fire blanket which is very effective at extinguisher Class F fires. On the other hand, commercial laboratories will need to be equipped with several fire extinguishers, particularly those suitable for metal fires.

The most important aspect in deciding what fire extinguisher you need for your environment is to evaluate all the fire risks and hazards, then speak with a professional about your individual requirements. Fire extinguishers are available in different sizes, and you’ll also want to purchase wall mounts and other fire protection equipment which will increase the safety of you and those around you.

Where to Buy a Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers can be purchased from bricks and mortar businesses like Bunning’s or Office works; however the benefits of purchasing a fire extinguisher online substantially outweigh the costs. First and foremost, you will get much better advice concerning what fire extinguishers you’ll need by purchasing online through a qualified fire equipment seller. If you have any questions, simply give them a call and they’ll quickly assess your needs and give you the right advice. Employees of businesses like Bunning’s or Office works typically won’t have the specialist knowledge as professional online fire equipment technicians, and in the event of a fire, you’ll want to be equipped as best as possible.

Secondly, there are many benefits of purchasing goods online as opposed to bricks and mortar businesses. If you’ve just used a fire extinguisher and need to replace it, this can be done 24/7 through an online store so you don’t need to waste unnecessary time waiting for a new fire extinguisher to arrive. The convenience of being able to do this at midnight in your pajamas is far better than having to go to the store!

Lastly, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and money by purchasing a fire extinguisher online. You don’t need to leave the house or pay for parking when you purchase a fire extinguisher online. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to purchase fire extinguishers cheaper online than in bricks and mortar stores because their operating costs are much lower, which allows them to sell their products at discounted rates. Plus, if you’re unsure of the quality of the fire extinguishers at a particular online store, just check out the customer testimonials which will assist you in making the best decision.

If you don’t have a fire extinguisher in your house, then it’s highly recommended that you purchase at least one ABE powder fire extinguisher which is suitable for almost all household fires. It’s also advisable to have one ABE powder fire extinguisher on each floor of your house. For a huge range of fire extinguishers at affordable prices, get in touch with the specialists at King Fire Protection Solutions: