Food is the vibe of any event and the greatness, memorable value and success of an event often depends on the quality of the food served. Shamrock Catering has been in the catering business since 1994 and their experience spanning over 20 years is a hallmark of their professionalism and sustained expertise. The food catered by Shamrock Catering is made from the freshest and finest ingredients by skilled chefs – it is to die for and absolutely lip smacking as proved by their recent catering endeavors.

Shamrock Catering as a company caters for anyone and any event and their food services range from cocktails and canapés to full-fledged meals, barbeque and spit roasts.Their recent catering features many taste buds tantalizing canapés, skewered morsels and desserts that are both appealing to the eyes and palates.

The catering by Shamrock Catering for private members only canapé and whisky tasting evening for luxury high end speaker and sound brand had Shamrock Catering’s signature dishes like Fresh Crab meat with Cucumber, Avocado Salsa in a Savory Basket Shell, Gourmet Mince Pork Meatball in Tomato Bolognaise Sauce. and French Feta Cut Cheese, Sliced Sweet Cherry Tomato, Rocket Leaf, Black Olive Skewer. They were instant hits and went down very well with the whiskeys at the event.

Catering to the Grand Opening Ceremony for new Co-Working Space in Tsim Sha Tsui, Silvercord Tower, was an experience that gave an opportunity to Shamrock Catering to prove their culinary prowess. TheSeared Ahi Tuna with Toasted Black Sesame, Wasabi Mayo and Ginger on a Ceramic Spoon is an exotic Asian canapé made by the chefs at Shamrock Catering to suit the event’s theme. Fresh US Strawberry double dipped in Belgium Dark Chocolate and White Milk Chocolate is where fruity flavor meets the smoky and bittersweet flavor of chocolate, creating irresistibility for a bite.

Leading Corporate Bank Private Cocktail and Presentation Session held at The Landmark, Central had Shamrock Catering’s creative menu featured. The
Mini Baked Focaccia – German Salami with Caramelized Red Onion & Mozzarella Cheese is simply of a class of its own and undeniably delicious. The Mini Grilled Chicken and Capsicum Kebab with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce is testimony to Shamrock Catering’s food inventiveness.

These recent catering events of Shamrock Catering have been immensely successful. It is the catering group’s pleasure to have worked with such high profile corporates, fueling their drive to exceed their clients’ expectations.

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