Oops, do we hear the romantic buzz!?

Valentine’s day rears just a small crimson head. Apparently, that’s not enough to satiate our romantic hunger. While most people have the notion that the best and the most romantic places in London are the restaurants serving the delicious heart-shaped crème brûlées, or maybe the nearest shop selling vibrant flowers, we beg to differ. Is romance not all about mystery and excitement? Does it not mean that London is just as romantic as it can get? The incredible art collections, the amazingly (over) green spaces and definitely, the bloom provide ample inspiration for vibes marked a notch higher on the love scale.

From beautiful gardens to beguiling galleries, we have picked up our favourite lot of romantic spots in London, that welcome you all year around and not just on Valentine’s day or your anniversary. Maybe you won’t even need a date to enjoy them, you can go all crazy and fall in love with yourself! We hear some buzz for Mumbai to London flight ticket booking!

Forget fancy restaurants and even Valentine’s day. You’ll get amazing romantic vibes at these places in London, all year around!

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Little Venice

For the millennials, who are undoubtedly maturing a bit too fast, Little Venice promises reassuring flashbacks to ‘Rosie and Jim’. This curious yet quite part of the inner city of London has natty canals lined with narrow boats, innocently named like ‘Misty Morn’. The canal-side cafes such as the Café Laville and The Waterway are ideal for a sophisticated wine date with an utterly wholesome feeling.

Viewing Level at Switch House, Tate Modern

How about experiencing the skyline of London at360degrees? Indeed, that’s something to look forward to. You can get a bird’s eye view of everything from Wembley to Canary Wharf at Tate’s Modern Viewing Terrace. It is definitely a humbling experience, taking in the breadth of the city, beyond the skyscrapers that fill its skyline. Just some little advice from the well-wishers we are – always wait for the elevator and don’t make eye contact with the neighbours of Tate (they are apparently less than happy about the ambush of peeping crowds from Switch house).

Serpentine Lido

For over a hundred years now, the citizens of London have been freezing their nips and nads off in the Serpentine Lido of Hyde Park. Maybe it’s not the most romantic idea to spend your Saturday shivering on a concrete pier, at the same time, being partlysubmerged in water while gazing at a major art gallery is just as mesmerizing, as t is surreal. And the law says you can have as much cake as you want at the Lido café bar after you’ve been for a swim (calling your sweet tooth!).

Whispering Gallery, St. Paul Cathedral

Well, it’s the magic of the idiosyncratic construction of the dome of the St. Paul’s Cathedral, once you whisper sweet nothing on the curving wall of the gallery, the same words can be heard on the opposite side. (Better keep it decent!). It definitely is a real climb to get to the top, but do 259 steps really matter if you get to satisfy your childlike sense of wonder!?

Wilton’s Music Hall

The oldest and the grandest music hall on our planet is one of the mini-miracles of London. Created with an aggregation of five Georgian houses, the place spells history in the true form. Jaw dropping interiors and paint – stripped frontage is it’s USP. After a restoration that continued for four long years, the venue reopened in 2015. Yet, it stays a relic of the design constructed in the nineteenth century! What makes it a decent place for a date is the programme of theatre, gigs and cabaret.

Hampstead Heath Pergola and Hill Garden

A wistful walk through the Hampstead’s Heath Pergola gives it the full Bronte. This is a raised walkway having overgrown wisteria and vines, overlooking the West Heath. Lord Leverhulme built this as a setting for the extravagant Edwardian parties he hosted. Today, it stands as the perfect location if you wish to re-enact a music video for Sixpence None the Richer.

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