Sometimes, the edgeless paddle is the one for you to check for. This kind of product comprises of 3K carbon fiber and with graphite layer. The price is a bit expensive when compared to the ordinary paddle, but the results are worth it. Once purchased, this kind of paddle is likely to last for years and can further help you to win some pickleball rounds, mixed with your playing techniques and skills off course! Once you thought about buying one for your use, the paddle with come with a protective bag. For saving some discounts on selected items, make sure to click on now.

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More on this paddle:

This kind of paddle is another new addition to the 2018 collection. It comprises of 4 layers, making if XF paddle in nature and with a honeycomb core smaller in size for extra durability. This paddle is mainly an edgeless carbon fiber paddle, designed for great rounds of pickleball. This product is mainly identical to the X3 series but it does not comprise of any plastic edge.Some players do not prefer that plastic edge and if you are like them,this paddle is what you should be eyeing for right now. This paddle comprises of a simple and unique design at its best.

Avoid hitting on ground:

As mentioned already, this kind of paddle does not have any plastic edge. So, the edge is not quite protected like the X 3 version and is more prone to chipping when it can hit the ground. So, try your level best to avoid touching this paddle with ground. This paddle is not quite for the aggressive players and they can go for the X 3 version for a change. Just be sure to learn everything about the product before you can purchase one for your use. This will definitely act in your favor.