If you work for a museum, you are well aware that displays are often swapped to keep those visiting your facility interested in the materials you have to present. It is important to take steps in keeping pieces of history well-protected when they are in storage. If precautions are not taken, potential damage is a risk. Here are some tips you can use to help keep stored museum items in the best of condition during their downtime.

Use The Right Containers To Keep Items Safe

It is a good idea to place artifacts inside of containers so they are not exposed to any type of element while in storage. Since moisture and dust can cause a variety of problems from mold to wood rot, keeping belongings contained is best. Proper museum storage requires that containers are completely sealed from airflow. A cabinetry system made especially for museum usage is one way to accomplish the protection you require for these items. Locking containers and air-tight enclosures can be special ordered for this purpose.

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Make Sure Documentation Remains Pristine

Documentation and artwork is very fragile. A rip of the paper the information is provided upon will alter a museum artifacts forever. Because of this, paperwork should lie flat inside of a sealed container so rumpling and the risk of ripping is minimized. A container solution with sealed drawer areas can be beneficial for holding loose paperwork documentation. Paintings can be positioned in frames to help protect their edges, however the front portions are at risk of exposure. Locking drawer cabinetry where frames can be positioned so they are not touching other materials will keep paintings from becoming ruined. Using a containment system made with artifacts in mind will ease the mind as damage is less likely when these items are nestled inside.

Keep Items Within Easy Reach For Quick Swapping

When someone of important comes to a museum to consider donating or selling a specific piece for display, being able to get it in storage promptly so it remains intact, is necessary. Keeping a museum storage unit system on-site will allow for items to be positioned accordingly and taken out when needed without having to wait for transport or clearance to do so. A cabinetry system can be installed directly in a room or on a  floor in the museum to keep artifacts protected at all times. This will allow for items to be brought out into the open within a moment’s notice, keeping those coming to the facility with a piqued interest as displays can be swapped out more frequently than in other museum facilities.