If you need to create temporary parking space, reserved parking, or manage temporary vehicle and pedestrian traffic, look no further than Gorilla Post.  The Gorilla Post system has been a proven solution in major cities.


Managing the flow of traffic allows you to efficiently move vehicles through your parking lot, construction area, parking zones, or structures while maximizing safety.  Temporary delineators can be easily moved from location to location depending on your specific needs.  Temporary delineators work well for events and outdoor venues.  For example, you may have large-scale events that use your entire lot, or lower traffic events in which you want to restrict traffic to a smaller footprint.  Portable delineators offer maximum flexibility for either scenarios.

Delineators are typically easy to install, often without professional help, while providing a sturdier solution than using simple traffic cones.  The Federal Highway Administration says that delineators are an affordable way to enhance traffic flows, especially in temporary situations or in combination with more rigid barriers.

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Parking bollards provide a significant visual cue and a safety barrier to allow for maximum traffic flow while safely guiding drivers away from danger areas.  Removable bollards with a magnetic base can be quickly deployed and move depending on needs.  Fixed bollards can have a permanent base and a quick-release installation, or a more fixed application.

Flexible bollards provide a visual guide for drivers while giving them a warning when they accidentally cut things too closely.  Because of their flexible design, they can take the occasional bump without damaging either the flexible bollard or the vehicle.  Hitting one can server as a wakeup call for the driver to pay attention.

Impact-resistant bollards can be installed that will literally stop vehicles, preventing collisions with pedestrians and preventing injuries.  They can also be used in a variety of settings for both safety and protecting, such as near secure areas or next to buildings or structures.

The National Transportation Safety Board says providing a rigid, positive separation between pedestrians and vehicles, such as a bollard, reduces the likelihood of injury-related accidents.

Gorilla Post

The exclusive Gorilla Post system is most effective as part of a multi-space parking system that allows for temporarily creating – and reserving – parking spaces, and creating temporary traffic and pedestrian patterns in parking lots and structures.

Options include fixed bases, quick release bases, and solar powered lights for visibility in the dark.  Gorilla posts come in multiple colors with reflective stripes.  The flexible design can withstand impacts up to 15 miles per hour and can fold over in 360 degrees. Gorilla posts can also be fitted with signs to further direct drivers or pedestrians.