When first getting into hydroponic growing, many people choose to grow lettuce; this is because it is one of the easiest things to grow in this way. In line with this today we are going to be providing some top tips for all looking to grow lettuce in this ways, allowing for more people than ever before to grow lettuce better than ever before. Keep on reading at your peril…

Choosing the right variety

Some of the lettuce varieties that perform well in hydroponics set-up include the following:

  • Green ice
  • Red fire
  • Tango
  • Royal oak leaf

There are however plenty more available for you to choose form should you wish.

Starting the lettuce

One of the greatest ways to start of lettuce when using hydroponics is to use Rockwool starter plugs. You should first of all soak these Rockwool plugs in an appropriate conditioning solution to lower the PH. Then drain off excess solutions and place seeds in each plug. Cover your trays and place near a window to allow the seeds to start to germinate. As soon as roots begin to poke out you can transfer your plugs to your hydroponics set-up.

Growing medium

Some of the greatest growing mediums to consider when growing hydroponically include the following:

  • Hydroton
  • Growstones
  • Coconut fibre

There are others to choose from however these are possibly the most advantageous three.

Add nutrients

Use DNA nutrients to enable your lettuce to grow to its greatest ability. Plants need nutrients when being grown hydroponically as they no longer have soil to search through.

Growing conditions

Ensure that you re growing your lettuce in a cool space – hot temperatures are known to hold lettuce growth.  Ona regular basis be sure to check your nutrient solutions pH as well as total salt concentration.  PH 6 is good for lettuce, and as for salt between 700 and 1000 ppm for lettuce is ideal.

Indoor lighting

Ensure that you are always using the most suitable hydroponic lighting, as without this your lettuce grows are unlikely to succeed. You will have to get lighting which matched your set-up, so speak with your hydroponics provider who will be able to recommend the most suitable products to you.

Harvest and storage

Lettuce when grown hydroponically is generally harvested with the roots still attached. Leaving roots connected can allow for longer storage life. When harvesting hydroponic lettuce you should first of all pick the outer leaves and leave the inner leaves to continue growing. This will allow you to have access to a constant fresh supply of crispy, tasty lettuce.