Great news for gamblers in Minsk! Winter races start at Shangri La Casino by Storm International company! The series of games, “Winter Racing”, begins. And everyone can get 150 000 km of drive here.

First stage will be on January, 20. A sports snowmobile, Polaris Indy, will become the main surprise of the night. All you need is to become a guest of Shangri La Casino in Minsk. Each holder of the entrance ticket becomes a participant of an amazing rally, said Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

The intrigue will continue until the very end of the party. And only under the curtain the case will determine the lucky one who will be able to cut the snowy expanses by maneuverable, powerful, and light Polaris Indy.

If you want to spend a bright winter evening in Minsk, be sure to check the most elegant casino in the Belarusian capital. “Winter Racing” will not leave anyone indifferent, Darren Keane added!