Everything You Need To Know About Holiday DWI Stats

The holidays are often a time of relaxing, cutting loose, and having a good time. Naturally, this leads to an increase in partying, and with that comes more alcohol consumption. People have more drinks, and drink later on throughout the night. The excessive amount of partying can lead to deleterious effects, including a stark increase in the amount of DWI’s in Springfield and across the country.

In fact, the result is an incredible doubling of the amount of automotive deaths during the holiday season!

Here is a list of various DWI statistics throughout the holidays which should be sobering enough to inspire you to take steps necessary to avoid a DWI in Springfield, beginning with:

Thanks giving

There are a lot of different factors which result in “Blackout Wednesday”, one of the biggest drinking days of the year, and one which results in an increase in the amount of DWI’s in Springfield. This occurs on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and is a result of many factors, including businesses being closed on Thanksgiving, college students being home for the holidays, and the excessive amount of people out on the roads. All of these different factors together result in Blackout Wednesday, which is one of the most dangerous days of the year for drunk driving. The amount of partying that occurs during Blackout Wednesday and Black Friday lead to over 400 traffic deaths every year.

Christmas, New Years, & The Time In Between

Christmas Day itself doesn’t generally lead to a spike in Springfield DWI’s, as most people are spending this day with family and friends, and many places are closed on this day. Christmas Eve, however, sees a rise in DWI’s of about 33%.

The number of DWI’s during New Year’s Eve is even greater, with a 42% increase in traffic accidents as a direct result of drinking and driving. The percentage tends to be lower if New Year’s Eve falls in the middle of the week, rather than the weekend.

Between Christmas and New Years, the amount of traffic fatalities predictably increases, especially among teenagers who are out of school during this time and looking or reasons to let loose and party. Teens are far more likely to engage in risky behavior during this time, leading to a sharp rise in DWI’s in Springfield.

Also worthy of note is the fact that people who do not generally drink are more prone to drinking during this time of year. These individuals will likely have a lower tolerance for alcohol, and are less likely to recognize the level of their inebriation.

In 2015, the above factors resulted in about 1,200 alcohol-related deaths.

Memorial Day, Labor Day, & the Period of Time In Between

There are over 400 traffic fatalities over Memorial Day. Over Labor Day, there are also over 400 traffic fatalities and over 42,000 traffic injuries most years. The period of time between these two dates is sometimes referred to as the “100 deadliest days for teen”. This is because teens tend to have a lot of free time throughout this time period, so they are more likely to drink and drive, and engage in other dangerous behavior.

July 4th

One of the most dangerous holidays for people on the roads is July 4th. After all, this in one of those holidays where people are simply expected to consume a lot of alcohol. The estimated number of fatalities due to drunk driving on July 4th is about 540. The number of serious injuries clocks in at around 58,000.

In 25 years, over half of all traffic-related deaths on July 4th were alcohol related.

It goes without saying that a Springfield DWI’s increase as well during the 4th of July.

Other Dangerous Holidays

Whenever there is a celebration, the involvement of alcohol is always a potential problem which can lead to traffic-related fatalities or DWI’s.

Days such as:

  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Halloween
  • The Super Bowl
  • Patrick’s Day

All come with a rise in DWI’s in Springfield and everywhere throughout the country.

Drinking responsibly is something everyone should do. However, life isn’t perfect. If you do find yourself facing DWI charges, DWI Springfield is here to help.