Investing in neon signs is an excellent investment for a business that wants advertising dollars to go further. Even in this electronic age where the Internet rules, nothing offers a stronger return on investment in signs. Neon signs offer extra pop so you stand out better. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, neon signs are likely perfect for you!

Is it difficult to find your business?

Neon signs are the most visible. If you host a small storefront that is easily overlooked or you occupy a space behind another business, customers may become frustrating when trying to locate you. A well-placed neon sign can get you noticed and bring paying consumers to your doorstep.

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Do you need to save money on advertising?

Newspaper and radio can strain business budgets. A good website is helpful when people make use of Google but it is not going to catch the attention of people strolling by. For the cost of one large newspaper ad that runs a short time, your neon sign can draw attention to your business 24 hours a day every day of the year.

We offer a variety of sign styles and sizes to fit your budget. You will discover soon that this is money well-spent on an effective way to attract attention.

Is it clear that you are open for business?

Restaurants, bars, and pubs promote a darker atmosphere for ambiance. To people passing through looking for a pint of beer or a comfortable place for a meal, it can seem like you are closed, especially if it is a less-busy weeknight.

Remove all doubt with a shining neon sign that announces you are open. That slow weekday evening may become more active simply because it is clear you are open for business.

Need a one-of-a-kind touch?

If you are located on a busy street, the multitude of signs for multiple businesses can seem to run forever–and together. It can be difficult to stand out unless you make an effort to show that you are different.

Graphics and colors are the way to do that and they jump out at people when presented through a neon sign. Using keywords like “cocktails”, “furniture”, and “low prices everyday” will bring people to you. The bright lights cannot help but be noticed making neon signs a great way to be seen in crowded areas.

Neon signs could be your new ideal form of advertising. To get started on the design process, call Jantec Neon at (888) 526-8321 and get ready for more attention and sales!