More and more people are choosing to purchase cast iron and antique fireplaces in London and in line with this today we are going to be providing some great cleaning tips to ensure that all whom have recently purchased antique or cast iron fireplace can make sure that look at great as possible at all times.

Initial Cleaning Following Insertion


Contrary to what many people think, as soon as cast iron or antique fireplaces are installed, they need cleaning. When the installers leave your property you should provide your fireplace with a light polish using a soft brush such as a show brush. When cleaning your fireplace you should never use a damp cloth, as any moisture can result in the creation of rust.

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Regular Cleaning Maintenance


Cast iron and antique fireplaces are known for collecting dust, therefore on a regular basis you must lightly dust your fireplaces using a lint free cloth and go on to polish with a lint free brush.

Rust, Stains and Marks


If your fireplaces gets tough stains and marks you will need to use a higher amount of iron paste to get rid of these, applying a little but at a time and distributing it evenly. After doing this you should again polish your fireplace. They key is to follow the instructions of the products that you use impeccably, and then you cannot go wrong. Patience is also important and you should not focus on getting your fireplace cleaned as quickly as you can, instead as well as you can. When cleaning and polishing your fireplace you should also wear gloves and use dust sheets to ensure that you don’t make a mess in your lounge.

Accidental Spills


If you accidentally spill something on your fireplace you must clean it up right away, mopping the mess up with an absorbent cloth – Again this should be followed by polishing so that your fireplace is protected from rust and other things.

These are only some of the tips available too. If you buy your antique fireplace from a reputable supplier you will likely find that your fireplace will come with cleaning and maintenance instructions which you can follow. All fireplaces require different care and treatments therefore if the fireplace that you choose does not come with a cleaning manual you should ask your supplier to write down some notes for you to follow.