Payment options are one of the hindrances to a successful business negotiation. This is so true with so many businesses most especially those who display their merchandise or services online. Unfortunately, small startup business owners who have just seen the first few months of their websites are complaining about this issue. Maybe it is time for them to adopt alternative payment processing options?

Payment processing options are essential in boosting sales and capturing loyal customers. Without other ways to pay for purchases, prospective clients may jump to the next website to book orders. The following are your options.

Chase Paymentech

Paymentech by Chase, allows business owners to accept payments online, in-store, or via mobile devices and accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, eChecks, PayPal, and international payments across 130+ currencies. It provides fraud protection, recurring billing, and an online report to help users monitor cash flow. It also features QuickPay which allows virtual money remittance across several countries and only requires a valid email address plus a bank account. This service is free and convenient.

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This leading global payment processing options boasts of easy usage and allows customers to pay using a currency of their choice or through digital options like Apple Pay. It has 24/7 support, customized fraud protection, customers shopping habits, and can go along with platforms such as Magento. Pay as you go or opt for $30 flat monthly plan with an additional 0.75% for debit cards and 2.75% for credit cards.


This allows businesses to accept all major credit cards as well as local payment solutions from Asia Pacific, Europe, Pacific, and the Americas via Alipay and iDeal. Add a built-in payment button to integrate your site with It also features real-time analytics, recurring billing, and has fraud protection tools powered by developer-friendly APIs. Charging for most transactions is around 2.95% + 0.15, or a mere $0.22.

Pay Firma

With this payment method, you can accept either debit or credit card payments but it can also cater to Apple Pay, the local UnionPay as well as bitcoins. Other features include invoicing, recurring billing, payment data reports, plus a dashboard to provide insights on improving your business. It charges $19 monthly alongside a 1.99% plus 25 /transaction.


Stripe is highly customizable to fit specific needs of every business. It features storing cards, processing subscriptions, and accepting payments across 100+ currencies. It also allows accepting Bitcoin or Alipay. It works to integrate with a user’s current accounting system, recurring billing setup, direct embed of payment forms on website, and fraud protections. Charging is around 2.9% plus a 30 cent charge per transaction.


This digital wallet works easy and fast in accepting or receiving payments and allows you to move ecash to another business within the U.S. It also processes credit cards to receive payments both online or offline in a matter of two days, features instant deposits, reports and analytics, fraud prevention, and a chargeback protection plan. It also has integrated invoicing plus a time-tracking service for managing accounting and bookkeeping. Charges 2.70% for both international and domestic credit card processing transaction but comes without joining fee.

Blue Snap

This processes credit and debit card payments to PayPal transactions. It allows accepting payments in over 110 currencies in 29 languages. It can create localized Checkout pages and features multi-bank connections, security and fraud prevention, payment analytics, recurring billing, issue coupons, and send post-sales emails.

It charges 2.9% + 30 cents for every transaction.


This payment gateway fits in with more than 50 CRM, ERP, as well as eCommerce and accounting solutions. It is designed to minimize processing costs from 15 to 40%, provides payment processing efficiency, reduces human error, eliminates double entry, improves security, and simplifies customer experience. It allows for unlimited transaction history, online and/or mobile credit card processing, electronic invoicing, customizable reports, secure encryption, tokenization, and much more.


This works within 5-10 minutes after which it allows for accepting recurring and one-time online payments or in-person with no implementation or programming costs. There is not a need for establishing a payment gateway or merchant processor. This works best with non-profits and small businesses across various industries.

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