Dressing makes the man noticeable. Undeniably, there is something impressive and captivating about a well-dressed personality. When it comes to businessmen, they have an image of sobriety and hard work which further means they should follow the latest fashion trends and be stylish.

It’s not only that they are all rich and successful businessmen, and so have all the means to dress well and look great. While they have the resources to buy all amounts of up-scale clothes, expensive dressing doesn’t translate into clever fashion alone. What it needs to be paired with is sharp personal styling and right tailoring.

Below are 5 businessmen who dress up to impress. They are well-dressed, trendy and sharp leading the look-book with their elegant personal style.

  1. Bailey

He is the man of fashion and true follower of stylish trends.Christopher is one of the best well-dressed businessmen in the UK who joined the C-Suite as the Creative Director of high fashion label in 2004. His hard work achieved him the roles of Chief Creative Officer and the Chief Executive Officer in 2009and 2014 respectively. Bailey is a dapper and stylish businessman who loves to stand next to the runway in a form-fitted 3 piece suit and party it up with the illuminati in the fine-looking old jeans with jacket.

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  1. HortaOsório

Long-term banker of Lloyds Banking Group, Mr. Osório is the man of many accomplishments. He is the CEO who helped the Lloyds rise to the fame.Also, he likes to lead high fashion brands by example. With his elegant personal sense of styling, Osóriois one of the key influencers in personal fashion.

  1. David Walker Smith

The new managing director of Fenwick of Bond Street, David Walker Smith has a reputation of looking great every time. Whether it’s the board membership of the British Fashion Council or duties ofthe Buying Director of Selfridge, Walker Smith has always been excellent in his performances. He describes his personal style as idiosyncratic and likes to wear Margiela, Alexandra McQueen, and Prada.

  1. Max Pogliani

He is the businessman who looks sharp, elegant and fashionable. Max Pogliani has a desire to turn ordinary things into extraordinary whether it’s the clothes he has or the coffee brands he drinks.The Vertu CEO is one of the well-dressed businessmen of the UK, and the sponsor of the GQ Designer Menswear fund that rewards£200,000 to a promising British clothes label every year.

  1. Frederic de Narp

The CEO of Bally, Frederic de Narp is a good looking and well-dressed man. He is a style icon to stress on the importance of the right clothes and the right shoes. Narp is inspired by the best business dressing of some top-notch designers like Ben Affleck and George Clooney. He believes to focus on look and fit for both dressing and shoes, and so dresses up in proper business attire even if it’s a meeting with a client  to show respect to his clients.