The excitement of a vacation is one that can enchant any of us into daydreaming of our day-in and day-out away. And while it’s nice to fantasize about what’s ahead, we also need to prepare for it to ensure we’ve got all of our bases covered. Because although it can be great to live care-free for some time, you also want to put yourself in the position to do so. Which, luckily for you, I’ve compiled a few helpful tips to get started. Check them out below:

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Plan Ahead

As it goes with any trip, planning ahead will give you the best sense of what to expect, as well as how to move things around that. This includes everything from how your bills will be taken care of back home to the activities you’ll be anticipating. I’ll note that a big aspect of planning is establishing your budget, which will be crucial to assessing your affordability.

Although many of us get glossy eyed when it comes to planning out a trip, it’s important to be mindful of being both frugal while at the same adventurous. For example, let’s say that I’m looking for things to in Dubai, while at the same time wondering what the average price point is. According to Budget To Your Trip, my average daily cost in Dubai is going to range around $282 USD, which while a somewhat steeper price point, will impact the activities I can take part in. All-in-all, calculating your trip in this way will not only give you a more accurate financial picture of your travels but additionally give you the peace of mind to relax while you’re away.

Take Care of Any Essentials

Another aspect to travel that many folks overlook is what you can buy ahead of time to not only help you save money but give you the sense of security that you won’t be without it. Especially when you travel abroad, certain items that you could find in the states are either much more expensive or not of the same quality, which makes you spend more than it was initially worth.

For example, according to Europa, the average pack of cigarettes in Europe can range anywhere from $4 to $15, which is an astronomical difference.  And if you’re looking to save on a number like that, either buying cartons in the states or switching to a much more discreet way of smoking like the Juul could be more advantageous. Take a look at which items that you might consider more expensive in the area you’re traveling, as well as if it’d be worth it for you to pack ahead. Trust me, doing so could help you dedicate more of your budget to things you genuinely want to enjoy.

Invest In Home Security

Although it might sound like overkill, you’d be surprised at the number of break-ins that happen while people are away. According to Safewise, a robbery occurs every 1.6 seconds in America, which is a staggering statistic when you consider the frequency of how much that really is. And no matter how long you plan on being away for, setting yourself up with an updated home security system will help you rest easy.

Regarding the type of system you’re after, there are plenty of options. While you could go with the tried-and-true brands like ADT, a lot of startups have started to create much more innovative solutions that give you a better sense of what’s going on (especially while you’re away). For example, Angee uses artificial intelligence to accurately detect the activity in your home. Take a look around and see what security system might be best for you, as this is one additional aspect you should cover before you head out of town.

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Always Have A Financial Backup Plan

Finally, as one of our worst fears is to have something stolen while being far away from home, it’s imperative to have a financial backup plan. According to, there were over 3 million cases of credit card fraud last year, which primarily impacts travelers. Therefore, if you’re not trying to fall victim then it’d be best to diversify the money you bring with you.

Try to have one credit card for spending out, as well as some cash. If you can, keep some of your cash where you’re staying, as well as a backup card securely tucked away. Granted, if you don’t feel particularly safe spreading your money out like this, then possibly ask someone in your party to hold something in a secure place on them. The overall goal is to make sure that if one item gets stolen, you still have a way to pay for things. Because while being abroad can be amazing, it’s always great to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

Having a safe and secure vacation is what makes us able to relax and remain easy. What are some precautions you take to ensure the best time? Comment with your answers below!